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Par Mohamed Jamal Elbaz

Federation Royale Marocaine des Echecs - FRME


3° rd Composing Tourney of FRME, 2017


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Organizers: The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME).
Tournament director: Mohamed Jamal Elbaz (Morocco).

Judge: Vasyl Kryzhanivsky (Ukraine) .


Participants :

Sebastien Luce(A1,A2);Ramo Ljevakovic(A3);Mihaiu Cioflânca(A4,A5);Benjelloun Younes(A6);Janos Csak(A7,A38,A39);Alexander Spitsin(A8);Anton Bidlen(A9,A10);АNATOLY SKRIPNIK(A11);Menachem Witztum & Paz Einat & Evgeny Bourd(A12);Ismo Tomperi(A13,A14);Vitaly MEDINTSEV & Anatoly SKRIPNIK(A15);Vitaly MEDINTSEV(A16);Rolf Wiehagen & Christer Jonsson(A17);Rolf Wiehagen(A18);Carlos Grassano(A19,A26);Christer Jonsson(A20,A21);Viktor-Syzonenko(A22);Salman-Javadzade(A23,A24,A25);Mohamed-JamalElbaz(A27,A42,A43,A59);Zivko Janevski(A28,A29);Shaul Shamir(A30);Dieter Müller(A31,A32,A33,A34);Sébastien Luce &PierreTRITTEN(A35,A36);Sébastien-Luce&Romeo-Bedoni(A37);IvanANTIPIN(A40);,A42);Alexey Ivunin & Alexander Pankratiev & Vidadi Zamanov(A44);Josef Burda(A45);Miroslav SVÍTEK(A46);Emil Klemanič & Michal Dragoun(A47); Anatoly Styachkon(A48);Viktor Syzonenko(A49);Valery Kopyl(A50);Mikhail Gershinsky(A51);Georg Niestroj(A52);Pankratyev Alexander(A53,A55);Ivunin-Alexey&Pankratyev-Alexander(A54);MichaelHalma(A56);Diatlov Oleg(A57);Bhushan Ramasastry(A58);Dan-Constantin GURGUI(A60); V.Barsukov(A61,A62);Emmanuel-Manolas(A63);Roman-Yanko(A64,A65,A67,A68);Alexander Kostiukov(A69);Alexander-Tyunin(A70,A71);Michel-Caillaud(A72);Bakani-Mustapha(A73);Abdelaziz ONKOUD(A74,A75);Jakub Marciniszyn(A76)..

(Traduit par

03/10/2017 I got to award 76 impersonal tasks.
The award is held in one section without selecting tasks by the number of figures.

The level of the tournament is quite high. A lot of good works. Compositions of different styles that contributed some difficulties in arranging tasks in places. The tasks were checked for predecessors on two databases: yacpdb and PDB. Remained not marked A11, because added to the game already seen (see A11a Applications) a pair of solutions is clearly inferior to the first.


The following distribution of differences is proposed:



1 st Prize – №50 Valery Kopyl. (Ukraine).

1.Q*g6 Bc8 2.Sg5 Sg4 # 1.Sg5 Rh7 2.Q*g6 Sd7 #
 1.Qg5 Bf5 2.d*e5 R*f7 # 1.S*e5 Rf7 + 2.Ke6 B*f5 #
In a very easy position in a clear format HOTF it was possible to combine the two systems of games with satiated and diverse content. In the first pair, the alternation of 1-2 moves of Black determines the critical moving different white figures on the edge of the board from an ambush. Model mats with one horse. In the second pair alternate already the course of white. Perhaps the parallel synthesis of black and white alternation is not previously The antidual choice of the first move by black is due to the need to save the figure for blocking the field near his king. As a result, the themes of Umnova and Chumakova. The target complex. Position classical, find, and can serve as a vivid example for demonstrating the concept of HOTF..

2 nd Prize № 49 Viktor Syzonenko.( Ukraine).

1.d*e6 B*e6 2.Qf3 c Rc4# A   1.b*c3 R*c3 2.d5 a S*g3# B   1.g*h2 S*h2 2.R*e3 b Bf5# C
Complex in terms of design work scheme. Three white figures hold three fields near the black the king. Direct blocking of the field to the mat does not result in a control over the mat field. The first White's move is removed from the thematic field, but control over another thematic field. Now the blocking of the free field on the second move leads to a mat. Brightly The cyclicity in the game and the functions of whites is expressed. It is difficult to come up with in this position another first move for black..

3 rd Prize. №47 Emil Klemanič & Michal Dragoun.

1.Rf3 Be7 2.Ke4 Bc5#     1.b5 Re7 2.Kc5 Re4#
1.Rc3 Bh6 2.Rc4 Be3#    1.Bd3 Kxb6 2.Bc4 Bc5#
1.Sf4 Bxg6 2.Sxd5 Re4# 1.Re3 Ra8 2.Re5 Rxa4#
Six-phase HOTF. The first pair with the formation of batteries and long-range blocking, alternating fields in the game of the black king and white on the matting course. In the second and third pair of phases active blocking of fields near the black king defines a further game, where matting is made twice by an elephant and a white boat. In the second pair there is a mechanism of one field. It is a pity that this is not observed in the third pair..

Special Prize –№40 Ivan ANTIPIN. (Russie).

а) 1.Sxе5 !(А) Sе4+ 2.Kе6 Sd8 # (B) , b) 1.Kxc6! (B) Sxa4 2.Rd6 Rc5 # (A),
c) 1.Rxe5 !(A) Sxb4 2.Qe6 Sb7 # (C) , d) 1.Rxc5! (C) Sd8 2.Rc6 Sf7 # (B),
е) 1.Kxс5!(С) Sе7 2.Qb6 Rxd5 (А), f) 1.Qа8 ! Rе8 2.Qxс6 (В) Sе4 # (C).
The intricate idea of combining two different systems of cyclic Zilahi for three white figures the author managed to realize only with the help of not very successful twins. This matrix of white figures was encountered earlier (see Appendix No. 40a). Therefore, only a special prize..

1st Honourable Mention – №16 Vitaly MEDINTSEV.(Russie).

1.Kf4 Kc1 2.Sa6!(S~?)e3#
1.Kd5 Kd1 2.Qh3!(Q~?) e4#
Two phases with a whole "team" of performers and a very busy game. Hideaway in the game stands out black on the second move, which occurs after 1 ... Kc1 and 1 ... Kd1. In the first case, the White King's move is not gives the possibilities of 2.Sa3 or 2.Sc3, and in the case of 1 ... Kd1, there is no 2.Qg1. It's a pity that the rook on d7 does not block a field for his king, as it happened with an elephant on g5..

2 nd Honourable Mention №75 Abdelaziz ONKOUD.(Maroc).

1...S×f5 2.Qé3S5d4 3.Rxg6! 1...S×é5 2Rd3 Séf3 3.Qxe5!
1.R×f3 S×f5? 2.Ré3 S5d4? 3.Kxd4! 1.Q×d4 S×é5 ? 2.Rd3 Séf3? 3.Kxf3!
1.Rh3!! S×f5 2.Qé3 S5d4‡    1.Qb6!! S×é5 2.Rd3 Séf3‡
1.R×f3 Rd6!! 2.Ré3 B×f5‡     1.Q×d4 Bh5!! 2.Qd3 R×é5‡.
HOTF. A clear ODT mechanism with the blocking of free fields (queen and rook black block on once two fields), which leads to fundamentally different mats. In one case, battery mats with return of white figures and a bunch of black. In another the thematic white rook and the bishop alternating functions create matte pictures with the support of white horses..

3rd Honourable Mention №42 Mohamed Jamal Elbaz.(Maroc).

1.Kg3 S*e5 2.Kf4 + Sg4 #
1.Bb8 R*e5 2.Ba7+ Re8 #
1.Rc4 S*e5 2.Rb4+ Sf7 #
The mechanism of formation of three different black batteries and three white batteries. On the second move these batteries play, crossed shahs. Three returns from whites and three returns from Black. Quite powerful at relatively lightweight design.

4 th Honourable Mention №72 Michel Caillaud.( Maroc).

1.Q*g3 Rc4 2.Q*e3 S*e3 #

1.Q*g4 Rg7 2.Q*f5 S*f5 #.
A beautiful mechanism that united Zilahi and pseudo-Zilahi. Intra-formation of indirect batteries with the inclusion of a white boat on h4 and g2..

1 st Commendation. –№53 Pankratyev Alexander (Russie).

1.Sxg6 Rf1 2.Se7 Se2#
1.Sxf5 Rc6 2.Sfe3 Sb3#.
Cleaning out the line with taking a heavy white figure and then overlapping the already black ones heavyweights. Mats with one knight with a bunch of black figures

2 nd Commendation –№52 Georg Niestroj. (Allemagne).

1.Q*b4 + K*b4 2.K*g8 Rg5 #
1.Q*b5 + K*b5 2.K*h6 B*f8 #.
A pleasant task with the theme of Zilahi, the victim of the white boat and the elephant. Model mats. I would instead of white pawn h4 put black on g5. There would be a complete analogy on the maturing course, plus Chumakov's theme...

3 rd Commendation №70 Alexander Tyunin (Russie).

1.Ba2 a*b4 2.Rd2 + R*d2 # 1.c3 Sb6 2.Qf2 + B*f2 #
1.K*c5 S*e3 2.Rd6 Sd5 #    1.K*d5 S*d3 2.Qe4 S*f4 #.
A good mechanism in HOTF format. Before the ODT is a little overdue due to disagreement on the first the course of the second pair

4 th Commendation №15 Vitaly MEDINTSEV & Anatoly SKRIPNIK ( Russie).

1.Rd6(a) Rxf6 2.Be4(b) Rg6# 1.d6(a) Sxf6 2.Qe4(b) Sd5#
1.Kd6(a) Bg7 2.Be5 Bf8#       1.Ke4(b) Rg3 2.Bc3 Re3#.
A contender for HOTF with clear mechanisms of the same field and a homogeneous game in the first pair. Second, a pair of solutions, unfortunately, does not differ by unity



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