Problémistes Marocains

Par Mohamed Jamal Elbaz

Federation Royale Marocaine des Echecs - FRME


3° FRME 2017 (Maroc) Section: ≠2


[ Judge: Valerio AGOSTINI ]#

Directeur Section : Benjelloun Youness


(Translated from Italian by google)


A mid-level competition with 46 participating issues is not easy to do in a nutshell time: I understand the desire of competitors to know the result as soon as possible but not always soon and well they get along.
Without this premise, I must agree that some work (especially the winner of the Competition) have clearly distinguished themselves by their playing skills and originality. The uncertainty in the awarding the awards has taken away from the undersigned different time to "meditate" at last the last order. The result is a ranking that, beyond personal tastes, testifies the goodness of the works presented and this certainly goes to witness the effort made by composers to honor the competition.
Thanks to everyone for the participation and my congratulations to all the participants and to the organizers of this beautiful event.


1 st Prize : Arieh Grinblat Israel

An absolute masterpiece that pivots your game on the Finnish Novotny in d4. Superb realization of the variants that give rise to dual beautiful avoided and thematic. The addition of the black Pb3 serves to make the attempt operative
1.Ce6 thematic? (and that the author had evidently forgotten in the diagram while reporting the GV itself). Omission however completely irrelevant for the purposes of the verdict!.


2 nd Prize : Zoltan Labai Slovakia & Miroslav Svitek Czechia

Rich and complex game that fascinates the solver and the artist. Crazy changes that follow each other until the final epilogue: a work of undoubted value. With the The expanding key is all beautified ...


3 rd Prize : Štefan Sovík Slovakia

Zagoruiko is always a work worthy of attention but here it is enriched by attempts and the key that graft a second theme (Salazar): this door work at a remarkable level. Very precise.


4 th Prize : Anatoly Slesarenko Russia

The De7 is a bit of a spectator in the GR but performs excellent functions in the attempts (beautiful avoided duals). Attractive then the triple change of defenses for 2.Ab2 ≠ which crowns a clear and effective game. The attempt is singular and funny 1. CC5? Foiled from 1 ... a1C!


1 st Honourable Mention Vladimir SOROCHAN Russia

An excellent problem very well thought out. The circularity always does a nice effect: only sorry that, in the GR, there is not a nut under the nailing of the Tf7.


2 nd Honourable Mention : Hubert Gockel Allemagne

A "delicate" theme carried out with great clarity and precision. The other crazy changed (thematic) crown all with a worthy conclusion!


3 rd Honourable Mention : Zoltan Labai Slovakia

The game revolves around the Td5 from which capture releases a precise game and interesting. The Urania theme (Qc1) is enriched by multi-phase changes (Zagoruiko!) Quite pleasant.


4 th Honourable Mention : Mark Basisty & Petro Novitsky Ukraine

Certainly a good job (beautiful women crazy at the corners of the board) although with a certain strategic symmetry. Violent the move that foils the first attempt.


5 th Honourable Mention : М.Basisty, S.I.Ткаченко Ukraine

A happy matrix makes it possible to tackle difficult topics. In addition, change of madmen and defenses in the various phases of play.


1 st Commendation : Pavel Murashev Russia

The incredible preponderance of the white forces is not enough to exhaust them few black troops: only the sacrifice of Donna will succeed: the game is articulated and complex even if there does not seem to be a common thread. But the concatenation fascinates ...


2 nd Commendation : Luis Gómez Spain

Two good changes between the phases in a problem that has an antique flavor.


3 rd Commendation : Sergey I. Tkachenko, Anatoly Vasilenko Ukraine

A series of chained changes due to the formation of two white batteries in the two phases.



An apparent trivial white Bristol maneuver triggers a reversal change on the double correction maneuver of the Black Tower! All in miniature: excellent result.


5 th Commendation : Nikolay Akimov Kazakhstan

It is only the danger of anticipations that puts this problem at risk: for the rest, the idea returns a perfect mechanism. The crossing of the madmen, in the 4 phases of the game, it is as simple as it is supefacing.


6 th Commendation : Diatlov OlegKrivy Rih, Ukraine

Interesting triple change of defenses between GA and GR validated by the attempt but it appears a bit 'too violent. Overall a good problem. There key takes away escape and the queen is badly exploited.



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