Problémistes Marocains

Par Mohamed Jamal Elbaz

Federation Royale Marocaine des Echecs - FRME



                                                                                                            2nd TT FRME, 2020



The Royal Moroccan Chess Federation (FRME) organizes the 2nd TT FRME, in four 7 sections:

A) Twomovers (#2)

Theme: One-phase-cycle of double defensive motifs against only one threat. (aAB/bBC/cCA; aAB/bBC/cCD/dDA etc.). Two or more threats are not allowed.
Judge:  Karol Mlynka (Slovakia)                                                   

Send to tournament director: Twomovers (#2) to Ben Jelloun (Marocco) E-mail:

B) Threemovers (#3)

Theme:   At least two different white pieces play to the same square, on the 2nd and on the 3rd moves.

Judge:  Alexander Melnichuk  (Russia)


C) Moremovers (#4-6)

Theme: White active sacrifice of at least two pieces (not pawns!) in sequence and sacrifices of pieces are accepted by black. The sacrifice on the first move is not thematic.

Judge: Aleksandr Sygurov (Russia)   


D) Endgame studies

Theme: Double Sacrifice. During the solution, a White minor piece(bishop or knight) moves to a square where is can be captured by at least two of the opponents pieces.

Judge: Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (Denmark) 


E)  Selfmates (S#3-5) 

Theme: Destruction of a black battery: In the initial position, there is a black X / Y battery, where Y is the back piece of the battery. In at least one variant or threat, the figure X plays and gives a battery-mate to the white king. After that, in at least one variant, the piece Y plays and destruct the battery giving mate to the white king without battery.

Judge: Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)


Send to tournament director: Threemovers (#3), Moremovers (#4-6), Endgame studies and Selfmates (#3-5)           

to Vidadi Zamanov (Azerbaijan)  E-mail:


F) Helpmates  (H#2)  

Theme: “The solution must have a double checkto the white king at least once.”  Additives any other theme are welcome. Multiple solutions, twins are acceptable. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.

Judge:  Viktor Zaitsev(Belarus)              


G) Helpmates  (H#3)  

Theme: In set play, two or three black officers (not pawns) are captured. The same officers are in the solution used to block the squares around the black king. Twins are allowed, but there must be a set play and solution for each twin. All forms of twins are allowed.

 Judge:  Ladislav Packa (Slovakia)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Send to tournament director:  H#2 and H#3 to Jamal M Elbaz (Morocco) E-mail:    

Prizes, honourable mentions and commendations will be awarded.  Send problems  in format PDF.                                                                                                 

Closing date: 15. 08. 2020. The award – 2020           




A) Miroslav Svítek

IT SuperProblem,2019

B) E.Fomichev & A.Sygurov

M.Marandyuk -70 JT,2019

4th Prize

C) Aleksandr Sygurov 


D) S.S.Nielsen


#2           C+     (10+8)

#3       C+      (11+11)

#6           C+       (9+9)

+                        (4+2)



D1) S.S.Nielsen

N.Kondratyuk-70 MT, 2018

2nd-3rd Prize

E) Petko A.Petkov

Strate Gems,2018 

F) V.Zaitsev 


L.Packa & E.Klemanič

Pravda, 1997  1st HM 

+                        (4+3)

S#3         C+      (13+9)

H#2  2 solutions (3+7)

H#3*              (4+10) C+


A) Miroslav Svítek Informal Tourney  SuperProblem,07.04.2019(A182)  1.Sc5!  ~ 2.Sd3#, 1...e1S+  AB  2.Rxe1#, 1...Sxc5 BC 2.Bf6#, 1...dxc5 CD 2.Bc7#, 1...exd5 DE 2.Rf5#, 1...Rxf7+ EA 2.Sxf7#. Cycle of five defensive motives AB-BC-CD-DE-EA. A – checking , B – direct guard of the threat square, C – capturing of the threat unit, D – creating flight by unblocking of the royal square, E – creating flight by capture.


B) Eugene Fomichev & Alexander Sygurov, Mikhail Marandyuk -70 JT, 2019  4th Prize. 1.Qf4!! – 2.e5+   Kd5 3.Qc4#,1…cb5  2.Sb6+  Kd4 3.e5#, 1…b3  2.Qe5! - 3.Qc3#,1…Bd5 2.ed5+ Kxd5 3.Qe5#, 1…Bh2 2.Se5+ Kd4  3.fxe3#,1…dc2 2.Qxe3!  cb1 3.Se5# (2…b3 3.Qc3#)


C) Aleksandr Sygurov, 64-Shakhmatnoe Obozrenie,2018               

1.Be2! - 2.d7 - 3.c5#,2...Bxd7 3.Sxa6 ~ 4.Sc5#     
d8 2.b5+! (2.Sd7? Bxd7 3.Sxa6 Sb7! (2...Sb7?? 3.Sb6+! ab 4.Sa8 - 5.Sxb6#  2.Sxa6? Bxa6 3.Sd7? Bxe2!) 2... axb5 3.Sa6! ~ 4.Sc5#,3...Bxa6 4.Sd7 ~ 5.Sc5#,4...Sb7 5.Kb1 Sa5 6.Sc5#


D) Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen  Original. 1. g6 Bh7 2. Nc2+- (thematic move) Kxc2 3. a4 +-

D1) Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen Nikolai Kondratyuk-70 MT, 2018, 2nd-3rd Prize. 1. h6 Bf5+ 2. Ka1 Ne3 3. Be6 Be4 4. a6 Kg5 5. Bf5 (Thematic move) Kxf5 6. h7 1-0


E) Petko A.Petkov Strate Gems,2018 Here Rc5=piece X, Qa7= piece Y.

1.Rh6! -2.Sg6+ Kxd6 3.Bxf4+ Re5# - a battery- mate,1…Bxd6 2.Re6+ dxe6 3.Sc6+ Rxc6# - a battery-mate,

1…Qxa6 2.Sf3+ exf3 3.Sxd3+ Qxd3# - Y gives a mate without battery,1…Qxb7 2.Sxd3+ exd3 3.Sf3+ Qxf3# - Y gives a mate without battery. The theme is realized in SOTF ( Selfmate of the future) form.


F) Viktor Zaitsev  Original 1.Sb4*c6 Kf5-f4 2.Sc6-d8 Se6-g7#, 1.f7*e6 ++ (double check to the white king) Kf5*e6 2.Be7-d8 Bc6*d7#. In addition: Zilahi, blocking the d8 field by different pieces.


G) Ladislav Packa Emil Klemanič *1...exd6+ 2.Kd7 d6xe7 3.Kd6 exd8Q#,1.Sb7 e6 2.Bd8 e7 3.Rd7 e8S# 


Annoce 2nd TT FRME 2020 in PDF


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